August 09, 2005

Moved to Canada

Well, its been a long while since I posted here last. In that time, I've finished school, moved to Canada and started a new job with Abe Books. I've been pretty self absorbed with adjusting to the new location, the new job and meeting new people.

Good news is that I'll start posting some more interesting stuff here on my glorified bookmark list. Even better news is that I am done with school, so there will be no more chorales posted that interest maybe 2 people on the whole planet. =)

I've just returned from a short two week vacation to San Diego and it has left me refreshed and ready to really start my new life here in Canada! Okay, I've really been here for almost 8 months now... what have I done in that time? I am not quite sure... I got busy with a new job, a new house and adjusting to a new country. I guess I have been on auto-pilot for a while and the 8 months just kind of passed by with nothing really new happening (besides all the new stuff). I haven't even fully unpacked. Not even by half. I guess moving here right after a long burnout marathon programming job and starting my new job without a break just left me in a zombie state.

I guess that will change starting now. I am refreshed and ready to start anew! Drop me a line if you need my new contact information and I missed sending it to you.

Posted by xeeban at August 9, 2005 12:41 AM